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Reviews of Books

J. A. K. G., J. A. K. G., J. A. K. G., J. P. H., J. P. H., G. L. D., G. L. D., A. F., D. E. M.


LES PAYSAGES AGRAIRES, by A Meynier. Paris: Collection Armand Colin, 1958. Pp. 199. 6½ × 4½ in. 360 frs.

INTRODUCING THE BELGIAN CONGO, by Roger de Meyer. Brussels: Office de Publicité S.A., 16 rue Marcq, 1958. Pp. 135. 7¼ × 5½ in. 100 frs.

GEOGRAPHY AND PLANNING, by T. W. Freeman. London: Hutchinson University Library, 1958. Pp. 191. 7¼ × 4½ in. 10s. 6d.

THE HUMAN GEOGRAPHY OF SOUTHERN CHILE. By G. L. Butland. Pp. 132. Publication No. 24 of the Institute of British Geographers. George Philip and Son, Ltd. London 1957. 20s.

NATIONAL ATLAS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Various sheets covering soils, climate, agriculture and population. Washington D.C. 1958. Some sheets free. Others 10 cents.

CONCISE OXFORD ATLAS (Second Edition). General Editor: D. P. Bickmore, Oxford University Press, 1958. Pp. 248. 10¾ × 7¾in., 30s.

A SURVEY OF WHITBY AND THE SURROUNDING AREA. Edited by G. H. J. Daysh. Shakespeare Head Press, Windsor 1958. Pp. 254 with wallet of additional maps and chart. 11 ×8¾ in. £3:3: 0d.

EVERYDAY METEOROLOGY, A Austin Miller and M. Parry. Hutchinson, London. 270 pp., XXII Plates and 77 figures. 30/‐.

REVIEW OF FILM STRIPS. Publishers: Educational Productions Ltd., 17, Denbigh Street, London S.W.I.

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