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Reviews of Books

J. A. K. G., A. F., J. P. H., E. V. L.


JOURNEY INTO IRELAND. By W. A. Poucher. Country Life, Ltd., London. 128 pp. (30pp. text, 90 pp. illustrations). 30s. 11x 81/2 in.

THE GEOLOGY OF IRELAND. By J. K. Charlesworth. Oliver and Boyd, Edinburgh and London, 1953. 276 pp. 25s.

THE GEOGRAPHY OF TOWNS, by A. E. Smailes. Hutchinson's University Library, London, 1953. 166 pp., 22 maps. 8s. 6d.

THE RESTLESS ATMOSPHERE, by F. K. Hare. Hutchinson's University Library, London, 1953. 192pp. 8s. 6d

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