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Reviews of Books

J. A. K. G., E. J. W., J. P. H., A. F.


BELFAST IN ITS REGIONAL SETTING. Published for the British Association by the Local Executive Committee, Belfast, 1952. 211 pp. 215.

GEOGRAPHY IN THE SECONDARY SCHOOL, by E. W. H. Briault and D. W. Shave. Published by the Geographical Association, c/o The Park Branch Library, Duke Street, Sheffield, 1952. Price 2s. post free.

AN INTRODUCTION TO HUMAN GEOGRAPHY, by J. H. G. Lebon. Hutchinson, 1952. 190 pages, 7 maps and diagrams. 8/6.

PORTS AND HARBOURS, by F. W. Morgan. Hutchinson, 1952. 176 pages, 12 maps and diagrams. 8/6.

OUR UNDEVELOPED WORLD, by L. Dudley Stamp. Faber & Faber, London, 1953. 187 pp. 18s.

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