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Territoriality on the Shankill–Falls Divide, Belfast

Fredenrick W. Boal


For myself, earthbound and fettered to the scene of my activities, I confess that I do feel the differences of mankind, national and individual …I am, in plainer words, a bundle of prejudices - made of likings and dislikings - the veriest thrall to sympathies, apathies, antipathies (Charles Lamb, quoted by Allport,). 

Segregation, on the basis of both economic and ethnic characteristics, is a feature of most cities. Segregation is usually measured on the basis of the spatial distribution of individuals or households belonging to a particular economic or ethnic group. Most commonly, the actual distribution of group members is compared to the pattern that would exist if the group members were distributed evenly throughout the area under study - the deviation between the actual and even distributions forming a measure of the degree of segregation.

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