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Reviews of maps and mapping

Joe Brady, Tadhg O'keefe, Arnold Horner


Irish Historic Towns Atlas, no. 12, Belfast, part I to 1840 by Raymond Gillespie and Stephen A. Royle. Published by the Royal Irish Academy in association with Belfast City Council 30 euro / £20. ISBN 0–9543855–0–0.

DUBLIN c.840 TO c.1540: THE MEDIEVAL TOWN IN THE MODERN CITY, by H.B. Clarke. Dublin: Royal Irish Academy, Irish Historic Towns Atlas. 15pp. booklet + 1 map (on a base of OJS. 1:2500 Dublin Sheet 18.XI (1939). 2nd edition, 2002. [euro]10.00. ISBN 1 874045 99 2.

DONEGAL COUNTY ATLAS/ATLAS CONDAE 2001, produced by Donegal County Development Board. Donegal County Council, 2001. 91 maps. No price.

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