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Land Leasing in Rural Ireland - some empirical findings from the south-east

William Jenkins


The area of leased land in Ireland has increased over the postwar period, especially in the south-east region. Geographical aspects of the demand for rented land in part of this region are examined, as well as factors influencing supply. In the study area of Slieveardagh, County Tipperary. the outcomes differed with regard to bio-physical endowment. In the lowland limestone areas, commercial tillage farmers and other non-local farmers were predominant in the market for rented land. In the upland shale area, local small farmers were more active in securing extra grassland to keep their farms viable. A significant amount of land for leasing was provided by elderly, incomplete families, labelled here as ‘terminal households’. It is possible only to speculate about the possible impact of recent EU incentives to promote long-term leasing and early retirement in a locality such as Slieveardagh.

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