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R. J. Devoy, Annegret Simms, Kevin Whelan, Mark Hennessy, Dominique Creton, Russell King


MAN AND ENVIRONMENT IN VALENCIA ISLAND, by Frank Mitchell. Dublin: Royal Irish Academy, 1989. 130pp. IR£9.00. ISBN 0901714771 (Cloth), 090171478X (Paper). Reviewed by R. J. Devoy

ANNA LIFFEY—THE RIVER OF DUBLIN, by Stephen Conlin and John de Courcy. Dublin: O'Brien Press, 1988. 63pp., plus a bird's eye view of the Liffey in colour, 295x1675mm. IR£12.95. ISBN 0862781698. Reviewed by Anngret Simms

Anngret Simms, THE BOOK OF THE LIFFEY FROM SOURCE TO THE SEA, by Elizabeth Healy, Christopher Moriarty and Gerry O'Flaherty. Dublin: Wolfhound Press, 1988. 192pp. IR£16.95. ISBN 0863271677. Reviewed by Anngret Simms

PEOPLE MAKE PLACES: THE STORY OF THE IRISH PALATINES, by Patrick O'Connor. Newcastle West: Oireacht na Mumhan Books, 1989. 229pp. IR£20.00. ISBN 0951218417.Reviewed by Kevin Whelan

THE IRISH-AUSTRALIAN CONNECTION: AN CAIDREAMH GAEL-ASTRALACH, edited by Séamus Grimes and Gearóid Ó Tuathaigh. Galway: Proceedings of the Irish-Australian Bicentenary Conference, 1989. 159pp. IR£9.95. ISBN 0951484400. Reviewed by Mark Hennessy

FERTILITY AND FAMILY PLANNING IN NORTHERN IRELAND, by P. A. Compton and J. Coward. Aldershot: Avebury Press, 1989. 230pp. £25.00. ISBN 0566056283. Reviewed by Dominique Creton

WHO GOES TO COLLEGE? by Patrick Clancy. Dublin: Higher Education Authority, 1988. 113pp. £3.50. ISBN 090455631X. Reviewed by Russell King

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