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Reflections on the science and art of using a GIS to locate a new national children's hospital in Ireland: Comments on Houghton

Enda Murphy, James E. Killen


In a recent paper published in this journal, Houghton (2009) criticises the use of GIS as a decision-support tool for public health research and inter alia criticises our work on accessibility issues surrounding the location of a new national children’s hospital (Murphy and Killen 2007). Houghton’s work demands comment, not just because it criticises our work but, more fundamentally, because his comments imply a misunderstanding of GIS as a technique for informing decisions. In addition, a number of Houghton’s criticisms, for example relating to the choice, measurement and weighting of variables, apply to virtually any piece of research in the social sciences. They are not issues relating to GIS per se even though they may be incorporated within a specific GIS.

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