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Reviews of books

Micheál O. Cinnéide, R. H. Buchanan, Jim Walsh, Patrick J. O'Connor, Proinnsias Breathnach


IRELAND: A CONTEMPORARY GEOGRAPHICAL PERSPECTIVE, edited by R. W. G. Carter and A. J. Parker. London: Routledge, 1989. 486pp. £40.00. Hb: ISBN 0 415 00468 3. Reviewed by MICHEÁL O CINNÉIDE

THE IRISH COUNRTYSIDE: LANDSCAPE, WILDLIFE, HISTORY, PEOPLE, edited by Desmond Gillmor. Dublin: Wolfhound Press, 1989. 240 pp. IR£18.50. Hb. IR£9.95. (Pb). ISBN 0 86327 142 1 (Pb). Reviewed by R. H. BUCHANAN

SPATIAL DIFFERENTIATION IN THE SOCIAL IMPACT OF TECHNOLOGY: THE CASE OF THE IRISH REPUBLIC, by D. J. F. Kamann, Aldershot: Avebury Press, 1988. 314 pp. No price given. ISBN 0 566 05767 0.Reviewed by JIM WALSH

BANDON, by Patrick O'Flanagan. Fascicle No. 3, Irish Historic Towns Atlas, edited by J. H. Andrews and Anngret Simms. Dublin: Royal Irish Academy, 1988. 16 pp. text + 7 maps + 2 plates. IR£18.00. ISBN 0 901714 74 7. Reviewed by PATRICK J. O'CONNOR

Geography in Education in the REPUBLIC OE IRELAND, edited by Roy W. Alexander and Desmond A. Gillmor. Dublin: Geographical Society of Ireland Special Publications No. 4, 1989. 103 pp. IR£3.00. ISBN 0 9510402 4 3. Reviewed by PROINNSIAS BREATHNACH

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