Reviews of books

Mary Cawley, Bill Carter, D. G. Pringle, M. S. O'Cinnéide, Peter Wilson, Paul Ferguson


THE REPUBLIC OF IRELAND, by Barry Brunt. London: Paul Chapman Publishing, 1988. 200pp. £6.95stg. ISBN 1-85396-019-5. Reviewed by Mary Cawley

NATURE IN ITS PLACE: THE HABITATS OF IRELAND, by Stephen Mills. London: The Bodley Head, 1988. 186pp. £7.95stg paperback. ISBN 0 370 312171. Reviewed by BILL CARTER

PROVINCE, CITY AND PEOPLE: BELFAST AND ITS REGION, edited by R. H. Buchanan and B. M. Walker. Antrim: Greystone Books in association with the Northern Ireland Committee of the British Association for the Advancement of Science, 1987.337pp. £12.50stg. ISBN 1870157 01. Reviewed by D. G. PRINGLE

THE SOCIO-ECONOMIC IMPACT OF BORD NA MONA ON THE EAST MIDLANDS, by Marian Curry. Maynooth: Occasional Papers No.7, Geography Department, Maynooth College, 1987. 39pp. IR£3.00. No. ISBN. Reviewed by M. S. O'CINNÉIDE

COMMUNITY PERCEPTIONS OF RURAL DEVELOPMENT IN NORTHWEST CONNEMARA, by Proinnsias Breathnach and Nuala Kelly. Maynooth: Occasional Papers No.8, Geography Department, Maynooth College, 1988. 65pp. IR£3.00. No ISBN. Reviewed by M. S. O'CINNÉIDE

THE MOUNTAINS OF CONNEMARA, by Joss Lynam. Roundstone: Folding Landscapes, 1988. 34pp. IR£5.00. ISBN 0 9504002 4 6. Reviewed by PETER WILSON

MAPS AND PLANS FOR THE LOCAL HISTORIAN AND COLLECTOR, by David Smith. London: B.T. Batsford Ltd., 1988. 240pp. £19.00stg. ISBN 0 713451912. Reviewed by PAUL FERGUSON

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