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Soil-geological and Soil-geomorphological relationships in Avondale Forest Park, Co. Wicklow

J. F. Collins, T. Reeves


The relationships between parent materials, geomorphic features and soil types in Avondale Forest Park are reported and discussed. The occurrence of contrasting rocks (acid tuffs, diorite, dolerite and shales) and a variety of glacial and fluvial materials are largely responsible for the heterogeneity of the soils. Soil Orders/Great Groups include Podzols, Brown Podzolics, Brown Earths, Gleys, Lithosols, Regosols and Rankers. The soils are also placed in the Subgroups of the new U.S. Soil Taxonomy. The influence of glacial, periglacial and post-glacial conditions on the soil distribution pattern is discussed with reference to subsequent pedogenetic processes.

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