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Blanket peat erosion: Theoretical considerations and observations from selected conservation sites in Slieveanorra Forest National Nature Reserve, County Antrim

W. S. McGreal, R. A. Larmour


Geomorphological investigation of blanket peat at three conservation plots in Slieveanorra Forest National Nature Reserve, County Antrim, suggests that various stages of peat erosion are concurrent. The proximity of undisturbed peat, gullies and haggs, peat flats, redistributed peat and regenerated peat is described. Morphological evidence may be interpreted in terms of a natural cycle or system of peat erosion but pollen analysis suggests a linkage between agricultural activity and the commencement of erosion. A C14 date of 2108 BP implies a much earlier date for peat erosion than generally considered. Erosion processes and origins are discussed and related to theories of upland blanket peat erosion.

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