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Brunt, Barry, Department of Geography, University College Cork (Ireland)
Brunt, Barry M. (Ireland)
Bryant, R. H., University of Reading (United Kingdom)
Buchanan, R. H., Queen's University, Belfast (United Kingdom)
Buchanan, R. H. (United Kingdom)
Buchanan, R. H. (Ireland)
Buchanan, Ronald H. (Ireland)
Buckmaster, E. (Ireland)
Burke, Brian J., University College Dublin (Ireland)
Burke, Nuala T., Trinity College, Dublin (Ireland)
Burningham, Helene, University College London (United Kingdom)
Busteed, M. A., Oxford University (United Kingdom)
Busteed, Mervyn, The University of Manchester (United Kingdom)
Busteed, Mervyn, University of Manchester (United Kingdom)
Butlin, R. A., University College Dublin (Ireland)
Butlin, R. A., University College, Dublin (Ireland)
Butlin, R. A. (Ireland)
Butlin, Robin (Ireland)
Buttimcr, Anne, National University of Ireland, Dublin (Ireland)
Buttimer, Anne (Ireland)
Buttimer, Anne, University College Dublin (Ireland)
Byrne, Michael, University College Dublin (Ireland)


C., J. A. (Ireland)
C., J. C. (Ireland)
Callinan, P., F.R.I.C.S. 15 Mespil Road, Dublin. 19th August, 1953. (Ireland)

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