Hiding the evidence: The state and spatial inequalities in health in Ireland


  • Frank Houghton NUI Maynooth




The Irish State has consistently reduced its production of publicly accessible disease / mortality maps over the last fifty years. State health statistics, and the small number of disease / mortality maps that have been produced in official publications, show a declining level of detail and are routinely out of date. Following a review of the production of disease / mortality maps in Ireland by the State and allied health agencies, two reasons are suggested for this decline. The first explanation relates to spatial inequalities in healthcare provision and to the absence of a health funding formulae in Ireland. The second explanation focuses on the potential politicisation of spatial inequalities in health status. Researchers in these fields are urged to disseminate information widely on spatial inequalities in healthcare provision, healthcare access and health status, both within and outside of the academic literature. Researchers in these fields are also urged to adopt an advocacy role on these issues, or to develop strategic alliances with such advocates.

Author Biography

Frank Houghton, NUI Maynooth

National Institute of Regional and Spatial Analysis



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Houghton, F. (2015). Hiding the evidence: The state and spatial inequalities in health in Ireland. Irish Geography, 38(1), 96–106. https://doi.org/10.55650/igj.2005.334



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