Reviews of Books


  • Roy Tomlinson
  • Gerald Mills
  • Mark Hennessy
  • Arnold Horner



GLOBAL CHANGE AND THE IRISH ENVIRONMENT, edited by John Sweeney. Dublin: Royal Irish Academy and Irish Committee for International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme, 1997. 170pp. IR£10.00pb. ISBN 1 874045 50 X. Reviewed by ROY TOMLINSON

CLIMATES OF THE BRITISH ISLES: PRESENT, PAST AND FUTURE, edited by Mike Hulme and Elaine Barrow. London: Routledge, 1997. 439pp. £17.99stg. ISBNO- 415-13017-4(pb). REGIONAL CLIMATES OF THE BRITISH ISLES, edited by Dennis Wheeler and Julian Mayes. London: Routledge, 1997. 343pp. £17.99stg. ISBN 0-415- 13931-7 (pb). Reviewed by GERALD MILLS

PROPERTY OWNERSHIP AND URBAN AND VILLAGE IMPROVEMENT IN PROVINCIAL IRELAND c. 1700-1845, by Lindsay Proudfoot. [British] Historical Geography Research Group, Historical Geography Research Series, No.33,1997. 105pp. £7.95stg. ISBN I 87007415 7. Reviewed by MARK HENNESSY

DOWNPATRICK, by Ronald Buchanan and Anthony Wilson. Fascicle No.8, Irish Historic Towns Atlas, edited by A. Simms, H.B. Clarke and R. Gillespie. Dublin: Royal Irish Academy, 1997. 16pp. text+ 8 maps+2 plates. IR£18.00. ISBN 0-874045-33-X. Reviewed by MARK HENNESSY

THEM AND US?: ATTITUDINAL VARIATION AMONG CHURCHGOERS IN BELFAST, by Frederick W. Boal, Margaret C. Keane and David N. Livingstone. Belfast: Institute of Irish Studies, Insight Series No.l, 1997. 240pp. ISBN 0-85389- 679-8. Reviewed by ARNOLD HORNER



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