Reviews of Books


  • Arnold Horner
  • Brian Graham
  • Mary Cawley
  • John Sweeney
  • Joe Brady
  • Seamus Grimes



URBAN PATRONAGE AND SOCIAL AUTHORITY: THE MANAGEMENT OF THE DUKE OF DEVONSHIRE'S TOWNS IN IRELAND, 1764–1891, by Lindsay Proudfoot. Washington, D.C.: Catholic University of America Press, 1995. 398pp. $69.95. ISBN 0-8132-0819-X. Reviewed by ARNOLD HORNER.

MAYNOOTH, by Arnold Horner. Fascicle No.7, Irish Historic Towns Atlas, edited by Anngret Simins. H.B. Clarke and R. Gillespie. Dublin: Royal Irish Academy, 1995. 12pp. text + 8 maps + 2 plates. IR£18.00. ISBN 0-874045-33-X. Reviewed by BRIAN GRAHAM.

AFTER THE FAMINE: IRISH AGRICULTURE 1850–1914, by Michael Turner. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1996. 313pp. £35.00stg. ISBN 0-521-55388-1. Reviewed by MARY CAWLEY.

NORTH FROM THE HOOK: 150 YEARS OF THE GEOLOGICAL SURVEY OF IRELAND, by Gordon L. Herries Davies. Dublin: Geological Survey of Ireland, 1995.342pp. IRf 35.00. ISBN 1-899702-00-8. Reviewed by JOHN SWEENEY.

DEVELOPMENT IRELAND – CONTEMPORARY ISSUES, edited by Peter Shirlow. London: Pluto Press, 1995. 138pp. f 12.95stg. pb. ISBN 0-7453-0998-4. Reviewed by JOE BRADY.

TRAVELLERS AND IRELAND: WHOSE COUNTRY, WHOSE HISTORY?, by Jim Mac Laughlin. Cork: Cork University Press, 1995. 90pp. IR£4.95. ISBN 1 85918 094 9. Reviewed by SEAMUS GRIMES.



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Horner, A., Graham, B., Cawley, M., Sweeney, J., Brady, J., & Grimes, S. (2015). Reviews of Books. Irish Geography, 29(1), 57–63.





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