Manorial organisation in early thirteenth-century Tipperary


  • Mark Hennessy Trinity College Dublin



Research in Ireland on medieval manors has tended to focus on the fourteenth century. This paper examines the evidence for manorial organisation in Tipperary in the early thirteenth century with the aim of outlining the process whereby manors were established in the early years of colonisation. The great lordships, de Burgo, de Worcester, and Butler, are examined and it is shown how their fortunes waxed and waned during this period. Their exercise of lordship was fundamentally compromised by a combination of royal interference, minorities and absenteeism. The reconstruction of manorial organisation for this period suffers from the lack of documentary evidence. Documents newly translated by the author are used to present a discussion of manorial structures and the organisation of agriculture.

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Mark Hennessy, Trinity College Dublin

Department of Geography



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Hennessy, M. (2015). Manorial organisation in early thirteenth-century Tipperary. Irish Geography, 29(2), 116–125.



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