Re-imagining the Irish foodscape


  • Colin Sage Department of Geography, University College Cork, Ireland



Limited attention has been paid by geographers to the Irish food system beyond the farm gate. Yet the last two decades have witnessed a substantial transformation in the provision of food and in patterns of consumption. This extended introduction to a set of four themed papers considers the role played by corporate retailing in refashioning the urban foodscape and in restructuring agri-food supply chains. The article aims to highlight the significant disconnection that exists between the realms of production and consumption, and outlines the potential of alternative visions and practices that offer a way of reconnecting them. Finally, the article will introduce the four papers which provide an illustration of the range and depth of analysis that geographers can bring to the study of the Irish food system.



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Sage, C. (2014). Re-imagining the Irish foodscape. Irish Geography, 43(2), 93–104.