Analysis and Prediction of Air Pollution in the Dublin Area


  • R. McGrath Irish Meteorological Service



Smoke and sulphur dioxide (S02) levels recorded at 16 sites in Dublin during the period 1982–1987 were analysed and correlated with the weather observed at Dublin Airport. Background smoke levels were found to have changed significantly at many of the sites over the six year period; in some areas there is evidence of a substantial increase (e.g. 100% in Ballyfermot) but in others the levels appear to have fallen. In industrial and non-residential areas daily smoke levels were found to be typically 10–25% lower over weekends, a possible indication of die contribution made by traffic and industry to the pollution load. Both smoke and SO2 levels were found to depend on wind direction to some extent but me effects are generally small and probably arise from differences in local exposure or from cross contamination between sites. A forecast model for smoke pollution is described and its performance during the 1987/88 winter season evaluated.

Author Biography

R. McGrath, Irish Meteorological Service

Glasnevin Hill



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McGrath, R. (2016). Analysis and Prediction of Air Pollution in the Dublin Area. Irish Geography, 21(2), 88–100.