Geographies of the Celtic Tiger


  • Peadar Kirby University of Limerick
  • Padraig Carmody Trinity College Dublin, Ireland



This special issue on the Geographies of the Celtic Tiger is more timely than we imagined it would be when first being planned. Its publication coincides with the Republic of Ireland entering its worst recession for at least a quarter of a century; a recession that owes as much to domestic policy failures as it does to the wider international context of bad debt and constrained credit. This special issue then is being published at a time that calls for a searching re-examination of the policies and underlying paradigm that for two decades were seen to facilitate an historically unique period of economic and social development in the Republic of Ireland. We are confident that the papers that passed critical review for inclusion in this special issue each have an original contribution to make, based on primary research, to reconsidering key areas of public policy and of the broader paradigm that informed the successes of recent decades.

Author Biographies

Peadar Kirby, University of Limerick

Department of Politics and Public Administration

Padraig Carmody, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

Department of Geography



How to Cite

Kirby, P., & Carmody, P. (2014). Geographies of the Celtic Tiger. Irish Geography, 42(1), 1–5.


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