Northern Ireland's increased representation in the Westminster Parliament


  • J. N. H. Douglas Queen's University, Belfast
  • R. D. Osborne Ulster Polytechnic



Northern Ireland's representation at Westminster has recently been increased from twelve to seventeen seats. This increase has been surrounded by considerable controversy. The purpose of this paper is to set the electoral reform in its context and highlight the significant issues involved. Specifically, the paper has four aims: to outline the origins of Northern Ireland's representation at Westminster; to consider the past work of the Northern Ireland Boundary Commission; to review the debate over regional representation in the United Kingdom; and to assess the Provisional Recommendations for the new framework of constituencies proposed by the Boundary Commission.

Author Biographies

J. N. H. Douglas, Queen's University, Belfast

Department of Geography

R. D. Osborne, Ulster Polytechnic

School of Sociology and Social Policy



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Douglas, J. N. H., & Osborne, R. D. (2016). Northern Ireland’s increased representation in the Westminster Parliament. Irish Geography, 14(1), 27–40.



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