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Separation and its consequences

Stanley Waterman


Fred Boal’s classic paper, ‘Territoriality on the Shankill-Falls Divide’ was written just prior to the outbreak of ‘The Troubles’ (Boal 1969). Thus it is a case study in historical geography. As Boal noted in the paper, the social geography of Belfast had already been documented; Estyn Evans noted the intense communal segregation in the 1940s and Emrys Jones’ monograph, predating Boal by almost a decade, was on its way to becoming a mini-classic (Boal 2007). However, Fred’s work was no mere repetition or update. His achievement was in extending the study of segregation in Belfast to encompass activity segregation, drawing attention to the fact that the segregation of Protestants and Catholics in Belfast was deeper-rooted than the mere separation of residences.

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