Reviews of Books


  • Bill Carter
  • P. J. Duffy
  • Barry M. Brunt
  • Stanley Waterman
  • D. G. Pringle



THE QUATERNARY HISTORY OE IRELAND, edited by Kevin J. Edwards and William P. Warren, London: Academic Press, 1985. 382pp. £50.00 stg. ISBN 0 12 232730 6. Reviewed by Bill Carter

THE FUTURE OF THE IRISH RURAL LANDSCAPE, edited by F. H. A. Aalen. Dublin: Department of Geography, Trinity College Dublin, 1985. 201pp. IR£6.00. ISBN 0 950785 1 3. Reviewed by P. J. Duffy

ECONOMIC ACTIVITIES IN THE REPUBLIC OF IRELAND: A GEOGRAPHICAL PERSPECTIVE, by D. A. Gillmor. Dublin: Gill and Macmillan, 1985. 394pp. IR£30.00. ISBN 7171 1390 6. Reviewed by Barry M. Brunt

ONE ISLAND, TWO NATIONS?: A POLITICAL GEOGRAPHICAL ANAYLSIS OF THE NATIONAL CONFLICT IN IRELAND, by D. G. Pringle. Letchworth: Research Studies Press Ltd., 1985. 293pp. £29.50 stg. ISBN 086380 029 7. Reviewed by Stanley Waterman

ULSTER: THE COMMON GROUND, by E. Estyn Evans and CHANGING THE PROBLEM: POST-FORUM REFLECTIONS, by Dervla Murphy. Grigginstown, Co. Westmeath: Lilliput Pamphlets, 2 and 3, 1984. 16pp and 36pp. IRE1.00 and IR£1.50. ISBN 0 946640 06 8 and ISBN 0 946640 07 6. Reviewed by D. G. Pringle



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Carter, B., Duffy, P. J., Brunt, B. M., Waterman, S., & Pringle, D. G. (2016). Reviews of Books. Irish Geography, 19(1), 45–49.





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