Reviews of Books


  • F. H. A. Aalen
  • John Sweeney
  • J. H. Andrews
  • Patrick J. O'Connor
  • P. J. Duffy
  • Arnold Horner
  • Kevin Hourihan



THE HUMAN GEOGRAPHY OF IRELAND, by James H. Johnson. Chichester: John Wiley, 1994. xii + 221pp. IR£14.95. ISBN 0-471-94835-7. Reviewed by F.H.A. AALEN.

WICKLOW IN THE ICE AGE, by William P.Warren. Dublin: Geological Survey of Ireland, 1993.46pp. IR£5.00. ISBN 0-9515006-2-7. Reviewed by JOHN SWEENEY.

THE PLANTATION OF ULSTER: BRITISH SETTLEMENT IN AN IRISH LANDSCAPE 1600–1670, by Philip S. Robinson, with an introduction to the reprint by Nicholas Canny. Belfast: Ulster Historical Foundation, 1994. xxx+254pp.£11.95stg. ISBN 0-901905-62-3. Reviewed by J.H. ANDREWS.

URBAN IMPROVEMENT IN PROVINCIAL IRELAND 1700–1840, by BJ. Graham and LJ. Proud foot. Group for the Study of Irish Historic Settlement, 1994. i v+68pp. No price given. No ISBN. Reviewed by PATRICK J. O'CONNOR.

DECODING THE LANDSCAPE, edited by Timothy Collins. Centre for Landscape Studies, University College Galway, 1994.170pp. IR£12.00. ISBN 0-907775-70-5. Reviewed by P.J. DUFFY.

IRISH LANDSCAPE SERIES: No.l, LIVING IN A CODED LAND, by Patrick J. O'Connor, 42pp. ISBN 0 9512184 2 5; No.2, SOME GUDDES TO THE IRISH SCENE, by Patrick J. O'Connor, 42pp. ISBN0951218433.Newcastle West: Oireacht na Mumhan Books, 1992. IR£2.50 each. Reviewed by ARNOLD HORNER.

EUROPE'S CITIES IN THE LATE TWENTIETH CENTURY, edited by Hugh Clout. Netherlands Geographical Studies 176, Department of Human Geography, University of Amsterdam, 1994.209pp. Dfl.35. ISBN 90-6809-190-5. Reviewed by KEVIN HOURIHAN.



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Aalen, F. H. A., Sweeney, J., Andrews, J. H., O’Connor, P. J., Duffy, P. J., Horner, A., & Hourihan, K. (2015). Reviews of Books. Irish Geography, 27(2), 143–149.





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