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  • M. S. Cinnéide
  • D. G. Pringle
  • P. J. Duffy
  • G. F. Mitchell
  • F. H. A. Aalen
  • P. O'Flanagan
  • Kevin Wheian
  • Gordon L. Herries Davies
  • John Coward
  • Desmond A. Gillmor
  • Mary E. Cawley
  • R. H. Buchanan
  • Barry M. Brunt
  • Proinnsias Breathnach
  • James E. Killen
  • A. A. Horner
  • Stu Daultrey
  • A. J. Parker
  • Michael J. Bannon
  • W. J. McGaughey
  • W. Nolan
  • J. H. Andrews



NORTHERN IRELAND: ENVIRONMENT AND NATURAL RESOURCES, edited by J.G. Cruickshank and D.N. Wilcock. Belfast: The Queen's University of Belfast and The New University of Ulster, 1982. 294pp. £7.50stg. Reviewed by M.S. Cinnéide

INTEGRATION AND DIVISION: GEOGRAPHICAL PERSPECTIVES ON THE NORTHERN IRELAND PROBLEM, edited by Frederick W. Boal and J. Neville H. Douglas. London: Academic Press, 1982. 368pp. £19-80stg. Reviewed by D.G. Pringle

TOPOTHESIA: ESSAYS IN HONOUR OF T.S. O'MAILLE., edited by B.S. MacAodha. Galway: Regional Technical College, 1982. 179pp. IR£15-00. Reviewed by P.J. Duffy

MAN AND ENVIRONMENT IN SOUTH-WEST IRELAND, 4000 B.C.-A.D. 800, by Ann Lynch. Oxford: British Archaeological Reports British Scries No. 85. 175pp. £6-50stg. Reviewed by G.F. Mitchell

CELTIC LEINSTER: TOWARDS AN HISTORICAL GEOGRAPHY OF EARLY IRISH CIVILISATION A.D. 500-1600, by Alfred P. Smyth. Irish Academic Press, 1982. 197pp. IR£25. Reviewed by F.H.A. Aalen

IRELAND AND FRANCE, 17TH-20TH CENTURIES: TOWARDS A COMPARATIVE STUDY OF RURAL HISTORY, edited by L.M. Cullcn and F. Furct. Paris: Éditions de l'École des Hautcs Études en Sciences Sociales, 1980, 237pp. Reviewed by P. O'Flanagan

IRELAND: LAND, POLITICS AND PEOPLE, edited by P.J. Drudy. Irish Studies 2. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1982. 551 pp. £25stg. Reviewed by Kevin Wheian

IRELAND'S SEA FISHERIES: A HIS TORY, bv John de Courcy Ireland. Dublin: Glendale Press, 1981. 184pp. IR£.10-40.Reviewed by Gordon L. Herries Davies

POPULATION AND LABOUR FORCE PROJECTIONS BY COUNTY AND REGION 1979-1991, by John Blackwell and John McGregor. National Economic and Social Council Report Number 63. Dublin: Stationery Office, 1982. 85pp. IR£2-02. Reviewed by John Coward

AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY IN THE REPUBLIC OF IRELAND 1975 – A GEOGRAPHICAL SURVEY, by J.A. Walsh and A.A. Horncr. Dublin: Report to the National Board for Science and Technology, 1981. Reviewed by Desmond A. Gillmor

STRUCTURAL AND DEMOGRAPHIC INFLUENCES ON THE ADOPTION OF AGRICULTURAL INNOVATIONS, by J.A. Walsh. Dublin: Our Lady of Mercy College, Carysfort Park, Blackrock, Discussion Paper No. 1, 1982. 44pp. IR£1-00; AGRICULTURAL LAND-TENURE AND TRANSFER, by P.W. Kelly. Dublin: An Foras Taluntais, Socio-economic Research Series, No. I, 1982. 100pp. IR£3.00. Reviewed by Mary E. Cawley

STATE AND COMMUNITY: RURAL DEVELOPMENT STRATEGIES IN THE SLIEVE LEAGUE PENINSULA, CO. DONEGAL, by Colm Regan and Proinnsias Brcathnach. Department of Geography, Mavnooth College, Occasional Papers, No. 2, 1981.81pp. IR£2-50. Reviewed by R.H. Buchanan

MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY IN THE REPUBLIC OF IRELAND, by D.A. Gillmor. Dublin: Bank of Ireland, 1982. 44pp. No price. Reviewed by Barry M. Brunt

A REVIEW OF INDUSTRIAL POLICY, by the Telesis Consultancy Group. NationalEconomic and Social Council Report Number 64. Dublin: Stationery Office, 1982. 440pp. IR£7-00. Reviewed by Proinnsias Breathnach

TRANSPORT POLICY IN IRELAND, by Sean D. Barrett. Dublin: Irish Management Institute, 1982. 200pp. IR£8-00. Reviewed by James E. Killen

TECHNOLOGY AND THE INFRASTRUCTURE. Dublin: An Foras Forbartha, 1981. 85pp. IR£3-00; INFRASTRUCTURE: FINANCE, EMPLOYMENT, ORGANISATION. Dublin: An Foras Forbartha, 1982. 80pp. IR£3-00.Reviewed by A.A. Homer

THE CLIMATE OF DUBLIN. Dublin: Meteorological Service, 1983. 146pp. IR£,600. Reviewed by Stu Daultrey

URBANA — DUBLIN'S LIST I BUILDINGS: A CONSERVATION REPORT. Dublin: An Taisce/Heritage Trust, 1982. 32pp. IR£2-50. Reviewed by A.J. Parker

OFFICE DEVELOPMENT IN DUBLIN 1960-1980, by Patrick Malone. Dublin: Department of Geography, Trinity College, and Lisney & Son, 1981. 79pp. IR£5-00. Reviewed by Michael J. Bannon

SOCIAL NEED AND COMMUNITY SOCIAL SERVICF.S, by Ann Lavan. Dublin: Tallaght Welfare Society, 1981. 261pp. IRT5-00. Reviewed by W.J. McGaughey

INISHMURRAY: ANCIENT MONASTIC ISLAND, bv Patrick Ucraughty. Dublin: The O'Brien Press, 1982. 96pp. IR£800. Reviewed by W. Nolan

ANTIQUE MAPS OF THE BRITISH ISLES, by David Smith. London: B.T. Batsford Ltd., 1982. 243pp. £25stg. Reviewed by J.H. Andrews


STREET MAP OF I.IMF.RICK. 1:9,000. Dublin: Ordnance Survey oflreland. 1982. IR£1 -80; STREET MAP OF I.ISBURN. 1:8,000. Belfast: Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland, 1982. £l-50stg; STREET MAPS OF BALLYNAHINCH, DOWNPATRICK & NEWCASTLE. 1:10,000. Belfast: Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland, 1982. £1-50stg. Reviewed by E. Buckmaster



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