Reviews of Books and Maps


  • Stu Daultrey
  • P. J. Duffy
  • T. Jones Hughes
  • J. P. Haughton
  • D. G. Pringle
  • P. Breathnach
  • Desmond A. Gillmor
  • Stephen A. Royle
  • A. J. Parker
  • Andrew MacLaran
  • P. O'Flanagan
  • Mary E. Cawley
  • R. H. Buchanan
  • F. H. A. Aalen
  • Colin A. Lewis
  • E. Buckmaster



AREAS OF SCIENTIFIC INTEREST IN IRELAND. Dublin: An Foras Forbartha, 1981. 166pp. IR£3-00. Reviewed by: Stu Daultrey

THE PERSONALITY OF IRELAND. HABITAT, HERITAGE AND HISTORY, by E. Estyn Evans. Belfast: Blackstaff Press, 1981. 2nd edition, 130pp. £3–95 stg. Reviewed by: P.J. Duffy

THE EMERGENCE OF MODERN IRELAND 1600–1900, by L.M. Cullen. London: Batsford, 1981. 292 pp. £17–50stg. Reviewed by: T. Jones Hughes

LA POPULATION DE LTRLANDE, by Jacques Verricrc. Paris: Mouton Editeur, 1979. 580 pp. Reviewed by: J.P. Haughton

THE CONTEMPORARY POPULATION OF NORTHERN IRELAND AND POPULATION RELATED ISSUES, edited by Paul A. Compton. Belfast: Institute of Irish Studies, The Queen's University, Belfast, 1981. £4–50stg. Reviewed by: D.G. Pringle

THE SOCIO-ECONOMIC POSITION OF IRELAND WITHIN THE EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY, National Economic and Social Council Report No. 58 (by Anthony Foley and Ms. P. Walbridge). Dublin: Stationery Office, (1981). 88 pp. IRC1-35. Reviewed by: P. Breathnach

GEOGRAPHICAL ASPECTS OF TOURISM IN THE REPUBLIC OF IRELAND, By HJ. Plettner. Research Paper Number 9. Galway: Social Sciences Research Centre, University College, Galway, 1979. 50 pp. Reviewed by: Desmond A. Gillmor

THE TOWN IN IRELAND: HISTORICAL STUDIES XIII, edited by David Harkness and Mary O'Dowd. Belfast: Appletree Press, 1981. 252 pp. IR£10'90; £8–95 stg. Reviewed by: Stephen A. Royle

URBANISATION: PROBLEMS OF GROWTH AND DECAY IN DUBLIN, National Economic and Social Council Report No. 55 (by M.J. Bannon, J.G. Eustace and M. O'Neill). Dublin: Stationery Office, 1981. 376pp. IR£3–15. Reviewed by: A.J. Parker

LAND TRANSACTIONS AND PRICES IN THE DUBLIN AREA 1974–1978, by R. Jennings. Dublin: An Foras Forbartha, 1980. 29 pp. IR£l–50. Reviewed by: Andrew MacLaran

RESOURCE SURVEY OF THE KILLALA AREA, by M.S. 6 Cinneide and M.J. Keane. Galway: Social Science Research Centre, University College, Galway, 1980. 152 pp. IR£10-00. Reviewed by: P. O'Flanagan

SIDE BY SIDE: TOWARDS A BALANCED DEVELOPMENT, by a Dutch Study Team. Sligo: (County development office), 1980. 166 pp. Reviewed by: Mary E. Cawley

THE BLASKET ISLANDS: NEXT PARISH AMERICA, by Joan and Ray Stagles. Dublin: The O'Brien Press, 1980, 144 pp. IRC8-00. Reviewed by: R.H. Buchanan

THE SASH CANADA WORE: A HISTORICAL GEOGRAPHY OF THE ORANGE ORDER IN CANADA, by C.J. Houston and W.J. Smyth. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1980. 215 pp. $(Can.)15-00. Reviewed by: F.H.A. Aalen

RICHARD GRIFFITH 1784–1878, edited by G.L.H. Davies and R.C. Mollan, Dublin: Royal Dublin Society, 1980. 221 pp. Reviewed by: Colin A. Lewis


MOURNE COUNTRY OUTDOOR PURSUITS MAP. 1:25,000. Belfast: Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland, 1981. £1–75 stg; THE WICKLOW WAY. 1:50,000. Dublin: Ordnance Survey of Ireland, 1981. IR£l-80. Reviewed by: E. Buckmaster

ORDNANCE SURVEY HOLIDAY MAP. 1:250,000. Sheet 1, Ireland North. Belfast: Ordnance Survey of Northern ireland, 1980. £1–20stg. Sheet 3, Ireland East. Dublin: Ordnance Survey of Ireland, 1981. IR£l-80. Reviewed by: E. Buckmaster



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