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  • Anne Buttimer University College Dublin
  • Russell King
  • Stephen A. Royle
  • Kevin Whelan
  • Mary Davies
  • P. J. DUFFY



PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT OF MARGINAL AREAS, edited by Micheál O Cinnéde and Seamus Grimes. Galway: Centre for Development Studies, University College Galway, 1992. 179pp. IR£12.00. ISBN 1 874570 02 7. Reviewed by Anne Buttimer

IRLANDA: SVILUPPO E CONFLITTO ALL A PERIFERIA D'EUROPA (Ireland: Development and Conflict at the Periphery of Europe), by Emilio Biagini. Genoa: Nuove Edizioni del Giglio, 1992. 420pp. Lit. 40,000 [IR£20 approx.]. Reviewed by Russell King

EMIGRATION AND LANDSCAPE: THE CASE OF ACHILL ISLAND, by Fiona McGrath. Trinity Papers in Geography No.4, Dublin: Department of Geography, Trinity College, 1991. 19pp. IR£2.50. ISBN 0 9507851 5 6. Reviewed by Stephen A. Royle

MEMENTOES OF MORTALITY: THE CENOTAPHS AND FUNERARY CAIRNS OF ARAINN, by Tim Robinson. Roundstone: Folding Landscapes, 1990.40pp. IR£15.00hb./IR£10.00pb. ISBN 0 9504002 6 2. Reviewed by Kevin Whelan

THE WALLED TOWNS OF IRELAND, by Avril Thomas. Blackrock. Co.Dublin: Irish Academic Press, 1992. Volume 1: x + 214pp. IR£35.00. ISBN 0-7165-2474-0. Volume 2: 257pp. IR£45.00. ISBN 0-7165-2475-9. Reviewed by Mary Davies

DUBLIN CITY AND COUNTY: FROM PREHISTORY TO PRESENT – STUDIES IN HONOUR OF J.H.ANDREWS, edited by F.H.A. Aalen and Kevin Whelan. Dublin: Geography Publications, 1992.450pp. IR£29.00. ISBN 0 90660219 X. Reviewed by P. J. Duffy

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Anne Buttimer, University College Dublin

School of Geography



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Buttimer, A., King, R., Royle, S. A., Whelan, K., Davies, M., & DUFFY, P. J. (2016). Reviews of Books. Irish Geography, 25(2), 195–200.



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