Reviews of Books and Maps


  • J. G. Tyrrell
  • G. F. Mitchell
  • Stephen A. Royle
  • Anngret Simms
  • J. G. Cruickshank
  • J. P. Haughton
  • Kevin Whelan
  • J. A. Walsh
  • Desmond A. Gillmor
  • Mary E. Cawley
  • Kevin Hourihan
  • F. H. A. Aalen
  • A. A. Horner
  • A. J. Parker
  • M. J. Bannon
  • H. J. Pollard
  • Barbara Miller
  • Paul Ferguson
  • Avril Thomas
  • E. Buckmaster



PROMISE AND PERFORMANCE: IRISH ENVIRONMENTAL POLICIES ANALYSED, edited by John Blackwell and Frank J. Convery. Dublin: The Resource and Environmental Policy Centre, University College Dublin, 1983. 434 pp. IR£7-95. Reviewed by: J.G. Tyrrell

LANDSCAPE ARCHAEOLOGY IN IRELAND, edited by T. Reeves-Smyth and F. Hamond. Oxford: British Archaeological Reports British Series 116, 1983. 389 pp. £17-00stg. Reviewed by: G.F. Mitchell

IRELAND AND SCOTLAND 1600–1850: PARALLELS AND CONTRASTS IN ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT, edited by T.M. Devine and D. Dickson. Edinburgh: John Donald, 1983. 283 pp. £16-00stg. Reviewed by: Stephen A. Royle

GEORGIAN DUBLIN: IRELAND'S IMPERILLED ARCHITECTURAL HERITAGE, by Kevin C. Reams. Newton Abbot: David & Charles, 1983. 224 pp. IR£12-95. Reviewed by: Anngret Simms

SOILS OF COUNTY MEATH, by T.F. Finch, M.J. Gardiner, A. Comey and T. Radford. Dublin: An Foras Taluntais Soil Survey Bulletin No. 37, 1983. 162 pp. + 2 maps in colour. IR£10-00. Reviewed by: J.G. Cruickshank

KILLARNEY NATIONAL PARK: AN INTRODUCTORY GUIDE, by Alan Craig. Dublin: National Parks and Monuments Service, Office of Public Works, 1983. 40 pp. IR£0-80. Reviewed by: J.P. Haughton

AGRICULTURE IN IRELAND: A CENSUS ATLAS, by A.A. Horner, J.A. Walsh and J.A. Williams. Dublin: Department of Geography, University College Dublin, 1984. 104 pp. IR£12-00. Reviewed by: Kevin Whelan

A STUDY OF PART-TIME FARMERS IN THE REPUBLIC OF IRELAND, by J. Higgins. Dublin: An Foras Taluntais, Socio-economic Research Series, No. 3, 1983. 118 pp. IR£2-50. Reviewed by: J.A. Walsh

DEVELOPMENT OF AGRICULTURE IN THE WEST OF IRELAND 1970–1980, by M.S. 0 Cinneide and M.E. Cawley. Dublin: An Chomhairle Oiluna Talmhaiochta, Blackrock, 1983. 110 pp. IR£12-00; AGRICULTURAL DEVELOPMENT STUDY OF THE MID-WEST REGION. Mid-West Regional Development Organisation and An Foras Taluntais, 1982. 173 pp. IR£5-00. Reviewed by: Desmond A. Gillmor

RURAL DEVELOPMENT IN THE WEST OF IRELAND: OBSERVATIONS FROM THE GAELTACHT EXPERIENCE, edited by Proinnsias Breathnach. Maynooth: Department of Geography, St Patrick's College, Occasional Paper No. 3, 1983, 87 pp. lR£3-00. Reviewed by: Mary E. Cawley

COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT IN THE KILLALA AREA, by D. O'Cearbhaill and M.S. O'Cinni'ide. Galway: Social Sciences Research Centre, 1983. 65 pp. No price given. Reviewed by: Kevin Hourihan

IRELAND IN THE YEAR 2000: TOWARDS A NATIONAL STRATEGY, ISSUES AND PERSPECTIVES. Dublin: An Foras Forbartha and National Board for Science and Technology, 1983. 99 pp. IR£5-00. Reviewed by: F.H.A. Aalen

ANTIPODE. Volume 12, Number 1. Special issue on Ireland, edited by Jim McLaughlin, Dennis Pringle, Colm Regan and Francis Walsh. Worcester, Mass., (1980). 117 pp. Reviewed by: A.A. Homer

TWENTY YEARS OF PLANNING: A REVIEW OF THE SYSTEM SINCE 1963, by Berna Grist. Dublin: An Foras Forbartha, 1983. 49 pp. IR£3-00. Reviewed by: A.J. Parker

PUBLIC SERVICE EMPLOYMENT: AN EXAMINATION OF STRATEGIES IN IRELAND AND OTHER EUROPEAN COUNTRIES, by P.C. Humphreys. Dublin: Institute of Public Administration, 1983. 332 pp. IR£18-00. Reviewed by: M.J. Bannon

75:25 IRELAND IN AN UNEQUAL WORLD, by Colm Regan and others. Dublin: Development Education Commission, CONGOOD, 1984. 208 pp. IR£2 00. Reviewed by: H.J. Pollard

SHEETS OF MANY COLOURS: THE MAPPING OF IRELAND'S ROCKS 1750–1890, by Gordon L. Hcrries Davies. Dublin: Royal Dublin Society, 1983. 242 pp. IR£15-00. Reviewed by: Barbara Miller

THE BOOK OF MAPS OF THE DUBLIN CITY SURVEYORS 1695–1827, an annotated list by Mary Clark. Dublin: Dublin Corporation Archives, City Libraries, 1983. 69 pp. IR£3 00. Reviewed by: Paul Ferguson

IRISH MAP HISTORY: A SELECT BIBLIOGRAPHY OF SECONDARY WORKS, 1850- 1983, ON THE HISTORY OF CAROGRAPHY IN IRELAND, by Paul Ferguson. Dublin: Tenth International Conference on the History of Cartography, 1983. 26 pp. IR£2-00. Reviewed by: Avril Thomas


FERMANAGH LAKELAND OUTDOOR PURSUITS MAP AND NAVIGATION GUIDE: LOWER LOUGH ERNE. 1:25,000. Belfast: Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland, 1984. £2-00stg; LONDONDERRY STREET MAP. 1:10,000. Belfast: Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland, 1983. £l-50stg. Reviewed by: E. Buckmaster



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