Health GIS in Ireland- Lessons from New Zealand


  • Frank Houghton National University of Ireland, Maynooth



The potential added value of geographical information systems (GIS) to population health surveillance and investigation is well known. However the adoption of this tool by Health Boards in Ireland is patchy and uncoordinated. Most progress on the use of GIS that has taken place in the Health Boards, is largely the result of individual commitment (most notably by the late Dr Zachary Johnson of the EHB), and has been unevenly spread throughout the country. Different GIS systems have been purchased by health boards and there is little or no liaison between them on any aspect of this issue. It is clear from the poor progress to date that there is a clear need for leadership and support in this field.

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Frank Houghton, National University of Ireland, Maynooth

Department of Geography



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Houghton, F. (2014). Health GIS in Ireland- Lessons from New Zealand. Irish Geography, 34(1), 96–97.



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