Reviews of Books


  • James H. Johnson
  • Arnold Horner University College Dublin
  • Joe Brady University College Dublin
  • J. A. Walsh
  • Kevin Hourihan
  • Paul Ferguson



CONTEMPORARY IRISH MIGRATION, edited by Russell King. Dublin: Geographical Society of Ireland, Special Publications, No. 6, 1991. 121pp. IR£6.00. ISBN 0 9510402 6 X. Reviewed by JAMES H. JOHNSON

SOZIALER WOHNUNGSBAU UND STADTENTWICKLUNG IN DUBLIN 1886–1986, by Rainer Joha Bender. Mannheim: GeographischesInstitutderUniversitat Mannheim. Mannheimer Geographische Arbeiten Heft 31, 1991. 363pp. DM34. ISBN 3-923750-30-7. Reviewed by ARNOLD HORNER

TRANSPORT IN DUBLIN – POLICY AND PRACTICE, edited by John O'Sullivan, Dublin: An Taisce, 1991. 98pp. IR£7.00. No ISBN. DUBLIN IN CRISIS, edited by Andrew MacLaren, Trinity Papers in Geography No.5, Dublin: Department of Geography, Trinity College, 1991,42pp. IR£4.50. ISBN 0791 3842. Reviewed by JOE BRADY

REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT AROUND THE NORTH ATLANTIC RIM, 2 volumes edited by Marcel Leroy. (Proceedings of the Tenth International Seminar on Marginal Regions, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada, July, 1989). Published by International Society for Study of Marginal Regions, University College Swansea, 1991. 588pp. ISBN 0-9695448-0-4. Reviewed by J. A. WALSH

LOCAL ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AND ADMINISTRATIVE REFORM, edited by James A. Walsh. Dublin: Regional Studies Association (Irish Branch), 1991. 93pp. IR£10.00. ISBN 0 9511047 4 8. Reviewed by KEVIN HOURIHAN

MULLINGAR, by J.H. Andrews with K.M. Davies. Fascicle No.5, Irish Historic Towns Atlas, edited by J.H. Andrews, Anngret Simms and H.B. Clarke. Dublin: Royal Irish Academy, 1992.16pp. text + 5 maps + 2 plates. IR£18.00. ISBN 0-901714-98-4. Reviewed by PAUL FERGUSON

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Arnold Horner, University College Dublin

School of Geography

Joe Brady, University College Dublin

School of Geography



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