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  • Proinnsias Brcathnach
  • James G. Cruickshank
  • M. B. Quigley
  • Anngret Simms
  • Stu Daultrey
  • K. M. Barbour
  • James E. Killen
  • Patrick O'Flanagan
  • W. Nolan
  • A. A. Horner
  • William J. Smyth
  • F. H. A. Aalen
  • R. Devoy
  • J. A. K. Grahame



IRELAND IN THE YEAR 2000. Dublin: An Foras Forbanha, 1980. 82 pp. IR£2.50.

THE PEATLANDS OF IRELAND: TO ACCOMPANY NEW PEATLAND MAP OF IRELAND, by R. F. Hammond. Dublin: An Foras Taluntais, Soil Survey Bulletin No. 35. 1979. 58 pp. IR£2.50.

PROVISIONAL DISTRIBUTION ATLAS OF AMPHIBIANS, REPTILES AND MAMMALS IN IRELAND, edited by Eanna Ni Lamhna. Dublin: An Foras Forbartha, second edition, 1979. 76 pp. IRfl.OO.

IRISH NATURE, by Norman Hickin. Dublin: O'Brien Press, 1980. 240 pp. IR£11.50.

HORSE BREEDING IN IRELAND, by Colin Lewis. London: J. A. Allen & Co. Ltd., 1980. 232 pp. £12.50 stg.

TRANSPORT POLICY, by C. D. Foster, T.J. Powell and D.J, Parish. National Economic and Social Council Report Number 48. Dublin: Stationery Office, 1979. 161 pp. IR£1.80.

LE ROYAUME-UNI ET LA RÉPUBLIQUE D'IRLANDE, by Annie Reffay. Paris: Masson. 1979. 264 pp. No price stated.

IRELAND FROM MAPS. Dublin: National Library of Ireland. Facsimile Documents (sixteen maps and a 20 pp. booklet). 1980. IR£2.00.

MEDIEVAL IRISH SETTLEMENT: A REVIEW, by B. J . Graham. Norwich: Ceo Books. Historical Geography Research Series No 3, 1980. 53 pp. £1.00 stg.

IRISH MIDLAND STUDIES: ESSAYS IN COMMEMORATION OF N.W. ENGLISH, edited by Harman Murtagh. Athlone: The Old Alhlone Society, 1980. 255 pp. IR£9.00.

FASSADININ: LAND, SETTLEMENT AND SOCIETY IN SOUTH EAST IRELAND 1600–1850, by William Nolan, Dublin: Geography Publications, 1979. 259 pp. IR£9.00.

THE SOUTH WEXFORD LANDSCAPE, by Edward Culleton. Published by the author 1980. 56 pp. IR£1.10.

SPATIAL VARIATIONS IN INTRA-ORGANISATIONAL RETAIL PRICES, by A. J. Parker. Dublin: Department of Geography, University College, 1980. 77 pp. IR£2.50.

DIGGING UP DUBLIN, edited by Nicholas C. Maxwell. Dublin: O'Brien Press, 1980. 64 pp. IR£2.75.

A COMMUNITY UNDER SIEGE 1970–77, by R. Common. Belfast: Renewal Design and Print, no date. 66 pp. £1.25 stg.

MONEYMORE AND DRAPERSTOWN: THE ARCHITECTURE AND PLANNING OF THE ESTATES OF THE DRAPERS' COMPANY IN ULSTER, by J. T. Curl Belfast: Ulster Architectural Heritage Society. 1979. 72 pp. £4.00 stg.

A WALK THROUGH TULLAMORE, by M. Byrne. Tullamore: Esker Press, 1980. 65 pp. IR£1.00.

KINSALE: ARCHITECTURAL HERITAGE, by W. Garner. Dublin: An Foras Forbartha. 1980. 90 pp. IR£1.90.

IRISH JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE. Dublin: An Foras Forbartha. Vol. 1, No. 1. 1980. 84 pp. IR£2.00.


THE ARAN ISLANDS, a map and guide, 2.2 inches to the mile. Drawn and published by T. D. Robinson, Kilronan, Aran. 1980. On paper, folded and covered, IR£1.20.

GREATER BELFAST STREET MAP, 1:10,000. Belfast: Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland. 1980. On paper, folded and covered, with index. £1.75 stg.

1:50,000 MAP OF NORTHERN IRELAND. Sheets 4 (Coleraine), 8 (Ballymoney), 15 (Belfast). Belfast: Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland, 1980. On paper, folded with plastic container. £1.20 stg each.



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