Reviews of Books


  • T. J. Hughes
  • Gordon L. Davies
  • William J. Smyth
  • N. C. Mitchel
  • A. J. Parker
  • R. H. Buchanan
  • James E. Killen
  • J. P. Haughton
  • J. A. K. Grahame
  • A. A. Horner
  • J. H. Andrews
  • Robin K. Glasscock



THE PERSONALITY OE IRELAND. HABITAT. HERITAGE AND HISTORY by E. Estyn Evans. Cambridge: University Press. 1973. 123 pp. £2.70. Reviewed by: T. J. Hughes

HISTORY IN THE ORDNANCE MAP: AN INTRODUCTION FOR IRISH READERS, by John H. Andrews. Dublin : the Ordnance Survey, l974. 63 pp. £1.00. Reviewed by: Gordon L. Davies

INISHKILLANE — CHANGE AND DECLINE IN THE WEST OF IRELAND. by Hugh Brody. London: Allen Lane, the Penguin Press, 1973. 286 pp. £2.95. Reviewed by: William J. Smyth

NORTHERN IRELAND. by M.A. Busteed (PROBLEM REGIONS OF EUROPE. edited by D. I. Srargill). London: Oxford University Press, 1974. 48 pp. £1.00. Reviewed by: N. C. Mitchcl

HAS IRELAND A POPULATION PROBLEM ? by R. E. Blackith. P. Dowding and F. J. Purcell. Dublin: the Irish Conservation Society, 1973. 57 pp. £0.50. Reviewed by: A. J. Parker

THE DOWNSHIRE ESTATES IN IRELAND, 1801–1845, by W. A. Maguire. Oxford: the Clarendon Press, 1972. 284 pp. £0.00. Reviewed by: R. H. Buchanan

OFFICE LOCATION IN IRELAND: THE ROLE OF CENTRAL DUBLIN, by Michael J. Bannou. Dublin: An Foras Forbartha, 1973. 144 pp. £1.75. Reviewed by: A. J. Parker

IRISH RAILWAYS SINCE 1916. by Michael H. C. Baker. London: Ian Allan. 1972. 224 pp. £3.16. Reviewed by: James E. Killen

A RAILWAY ATLAS OF IRELAND, by S. Maxwell Hajducki. Newton Abbot: David and Charles. 1074. 70 pp. £4.25. Reviewed by: James E, Killen

ACHILL. by Kenneth McNally. Newton Abbot : David and Charles. 1973. 239 pp. £3.50.; THE ARAN ISLANDS, by Daphne Pochin Mould. Newton Abbot: David and Charles. 1072. 171 pp. £2.75. Reviewed by: J. P. Haughton

THE LIBERTIES OF DUBLIN, edited by Elgy Gillespie. Dublin : E. and T. O'Brien Ltd.. 11 Clare Street. 1973. 1211 pp. £1.65. Reviewed by: J. A. K. Grahame

AN ATLAS OF IRISH HISTORY, by Ruth Dudley Edwards. London: Methuen 1973. 261 pp. £2.70 (hardback), £1.50 (paperback). Reviewed by: A. A. Horner

THE HERITAGE OF HOLY CROSS, by Geraldine Carville. Belfast : Blackstaff Press, 1973. 175 pp. £5 (hardback), £1.75 (paperback). Reviewed by:

STUDIES OF FIELD SYSTEMS IN THE BRITISH ISLES,edited by A. R. H. Baker and R. A. Butlill. Cambridge: the University Press, 1973. 702 pp. £11.00. Reviewed by: J. H. Andrews

MAN MADE THE LAND: ESSAYS IN ENGLISH HISTORICAL GEOGRAPHY, edited by Man R. H. Baker and J. B. Harley. Newton Abbot : David & Charles, 1973. 208 pp. with 263 illustrations. £6.25.; ENGLISH LANDSCAPES, by W. G. Hoskins. London: British Broadcasting Corporation. 1973. 120 pp. with 84 illustrations. £0.75. Reviewed by: Kobin K. Glasscock

THE GLYNNS: Journal of the Glens of Antrim Historical Society, Vol. 1. 1973. 45 pp. £0.50. Reviewed by: J. A. K. Grahame



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